Гарвей (a_garvey) wrote,

Хорошая статья в Time о войне в Ю.Осетии

Yet while many questions remain unanswered about why Georgia embarked on such a suicidal war, the U.S. role in particular seems in danger of being exaggerated. No evidence has yet been uncovered, by Putin or anyone else, that the U.S. or U.S. advisers triggered the conflict.
Statements from President George W. Bush and others may have emboldened Saakashvili to expect U.S. assistance that in the end wasn't forthcoming, but that's a far cry from an active role in launching military action. The truth is that both Russia and Georgia had plenty of reasons of their own to start a war. Putin, who resents Saakashvili for his brazen defiance of Moscow and close ties to the West, had ample grounds to try to invade Georgia and oust him. Saakashvili, for his part, had staked his presidency on "re-integrating" Georgia 's two breakaway territories into Georgia proper.

Ошибки кое-какие есть, как и умолчания, но в целом взвешено.

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