Гарвей (a_garvey) wrote,

Drunkard and keys

Police officer late night noticed a drunkard who was crawling under a street light.
- What are you doing here?
- I am searching for my key.
- Did you loose it somewhere here?
- No, I lost it the dead end over the corner.
- But why a look for key here in that case?
- Because there is more light here.

It looks like many people prefer to looks for keys under the street light. E.g. those who are "fighting racism" by shaming white people. Those who is trying to eliminate income inequality by positive discrimination. Or those who proclaim gun ban as a way to safer community. Or even Canadian government creating federal commission to resolve problem of violence against native women.
Many issues may be resolved by education and changing cultural imperatives, but to agree with that would mean to accept the fact that in many cases people (not particular people mostly but group of people, communities) themselves should be blamed for their problem. However when that truth is declared by white person, especially white man he again will be blamed as a racist...
Catch 22?
Tags: observation, politics, thoughts, Мысли, Наблюдения, Политика

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