Гарвей (a_garvey) wrote,

Обратная сторона медали?

Из отчета Организации экономического сотрудничества и развития по школьной системе Швеции:
From an economic perspective, the relatively small difference in earnings between
adults with a tertiary education and those with an upper secondary or post-secondary nontertiary
education and the safety net provided by the welfare state may not provide
sufficient incentive for learning and working hard. The evidence also suggests that
importance placed on equality in Swedish society may have had the unintended effect of
not challenging all students sufficiently. Parents would seem to play a role in this by
over-protecting and nurturing them too much and insufficiently challenging them as they
grow up.

В двух словах по-русски: система социальных гарантий ведет у тому, что многие шведы не хотят ни всерьез учиться, ни всерьез работать
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