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О имидже и политических пристрастиях

Барбара Амиель (не уверен в спеллинге, в оригинале - Barbara Amiel) в очередной своей колонке в Maclean's высказалась по поводу скандала с Робом Фордом. И по ходу сформулировала - подкрепила примерами - тезис, который для меня выглядит верным и важным.
Если ты находишься в политике справа от центра, ты должен быть более чем уверен, что ни в чем не "испачкался".
Левые имеют четкое представление о правильном типе людей для правящего класса. Они не любят страдающего ожирением Джо из пригородов.

When you are considered right of centre in your politics, you have to be doubly sure to keep your nose clean. Whether on the international, national or municipal stage, the minute the status quo is threatened by talk about balanced budgets (which inevitably means cutting civil servants) or immigration policy designed to fit the national interest rather than some diversity theory, the left will start hounding, investigating and putting snitches into your staff. The great and the good of the land most often sit on the left side of politics and have strong views about the right sort of person for the governing classes. They don’t like overweight Joes from suburbia. If, on the other hand, you are “clubbable” like Dalton McGuinty (two university degrees, boyish trim looks, very keen on wind turbines), when a billion dollars goes missing in the wind together with deleted emails and files, it seems only to build your resumé into a Harvard appointment.

If you are Brian Mulroney, being groomed and well-educated won’t help when you have right-wing friends like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and anti-statist policies like cancelling the National Energy Program, privatizing Crown corporations, as well as being architect of the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement. False allegations of Mulroney accepting a bribe went on for years and, even after he was cleared, his most scurrilous accuser was awarded an Order of Canada. Stephen Harper avoids all personal scandal, cultivates his policy-wonk identity and politically survives by cautiously moving left if absolutely necessary. Hard to remember him from his days as president of the National Citizens Coalition.
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