Гарвей (a_garvey) wrote,

TIFF awards

Фильмы, удостоенные призов на торонтском международном кинофестивале:
People's Choice Award: Silver Linings Playbook
People's Choice Award (Documentary): Artifact
People's Choice Award (Midnight Madness): Seven Psychopaths
Best Canadian Feature Film: Laurence Anyways
Best Canadian Short Film: Keep a Modest Head
Best Canadian First Feature Film:
- Antiviral by Brandon Cronenberg (Да-да, сын Дэвид Кроненберга)
- Deadfall by Jason Buxton
FIPRESCI Discovery: Call Girl
FIPRESCI Special Presentations: In the House - новый фильм Франсуа Озона (!)
Tags: Кино, Новости
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